Maintenance Never Ceases
Above: Trees die and need removal. Markers topple or become overgrown. Section after section and back again, mowing never ceases.

Chapel Plaque

This historic structure can still be saved.

Workers on the Mapping and  Database Project
We have had some extraordinarily good women working on the current mapping and database project. Existing cemetery records are lacking and have been found to contain many errors. We are working diligently to correct this. When complete we should have a complete database and map of all sections of the cemetery online. This will coordinate with photographs of grave markers and monuments and should be of great value to genealogists and family members.

Boy Scouts
We are grateful for the many wonderful volunteers who have helped with our events, with maintenance and any other needs. These include a local Boy Scouts as well as members of the Church of the Latter Day Saints.

What We Do

As expenses continue to rise, the interest from the Woodlawn Trust no longer covers all necessary perpetual care of the cemetery and other related needs. If you have family in this cemetery or you simply care about this historic site, your help is desperately needed. Please join us.
Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to
Woodlawn Cemetery Company
P.O. Box 765, Fairmont, WV 26555-0765

Or you can make your donation to the non-profit Woman's Club of Fairmont. The GFWC WCF is actively involved this year in restoration of the Abbey and the Woodlawn grounds.

Front of Maintenance Bldg

Garage Side of Maintenance Bldg
Above photographs: The New Office and Garage Facility


In the future expect to see photos of all the changes and restorations that have been completed.

Old Lawn Cutter
We've come a long way, but equipment keeps breaking down and needs repair or replacement.

2003: Woodlawn Cemetery was placed on the National Historic Register as a Historic
2006: The Board of Trustees was appointed by Judge Fred Fox.
2007: Girl Scout Troop 15 did a veteran's survey, finding, cleaning and documenting all veterans' markers of all wars. They received a Bronze Award.
2008: An older Girl Scout began working on her Silver Award by clearing and recording the African-American section.
2009: Woodlawn joined the Civil War Trails program. This five state consortium marks sites significant to the Civil War. Woodlawn as one marker in honor of the Pierponts. Publicity and advertising is provided by the consortium and is both regional and national. We have a tall reflective sign similar to a street sign that can be seen from Maple Avenue.

In the past, Faith in Action, a Conference-wide Methodist Church activity chose Woodlawn as one of their service projects. Would your church be interested in volunteering?

A Marker becoming Overgrown with Weeds
Markers quickly become overgrown with weeds. Maintenance just never ends.

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