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Above: Small Cherubs Placed at the Base of One Family's Marker


Cherubim & Angels

Most cemeteries have some cherubim and these are often depicted as winged children or as the winged head of a child. On this page you will see some of our many small Woodlawn cherubim.

Woodlawn Cemetery has no large winged angels but instead has large sculptures of idealized young women that may be interpreted as angels. One of these appears in this website header. If you stroll around our park you will see many of Woodlawn's smaller Guardian Angels.

A Small Winged Cherub Head

Application for Membership

[Woodlawn Cemetery no longer has Membership Levels]

You can become a member of the Woolawn Cemetery Company by registering annually. Once you become a member, you may attend the annual membership meeting, vote or be nominated to serve on the Board of Directors as terms expire. The annual membership meeting is held in the fall of each year.

If you own a burial plot or are an immediate family member of someone buried here, you are considered a member as long as you complete a membership application and keep it current. All members are required to comply with the rules and regulations of the Woodlawn Cemeyery Company.

Interested community members without a burial plot can become a member for an annual donation of $100. Please send this with your contact information to Woodlawn Cemetery Company, P.O. Box 765, Fairmont, WV 26555-0765




God Bless You

A Small Angel

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