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June 2021


Woodlawn Entrance
Woodlawn Entrance


Woodlawn Celebrates the Memory of the six miners who were buried 135 years ago in a mine explosion in Newburg, WV.

The DAR & SAR placed wreaths on their graves in memory. Dignitaries, Woodlawn Board Members & townspeople gathered in this solemn ceremony at high noon as Woodlawn.President Nancy Bickerstaff led the group.

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Newburg Monument

After 135 years Woodlawn Cemetery Board Members are honoring a family of men who were killed at the Newburg Mine in Preston County. This was the first major mine disaster in WV. The grave had been unmarked for 135 years. The disaster took place on January 23, 1886.

Six of those miners were all buried at Woodlawn Cemetery. They were all from a family that came to Fairmont around 1881 from Durham County, England. A dedication of this monument will be held September 3, 2021 at Woodlawn. Woodlawn is full of history that should not be forgotten. The board of directors are working hard to preserve that heritage for future generations to discover. If you haven't visited come and see what we have accomplished in this beautiful memorial park.

Nancy Bickerstaff, President
David Smith, Vice President
Emily Bickerstaff, Treasurer
Nancy Lawler, Secretary

Linda Prickett
Raymond Alvarez
Nancy Lawler
Nancy Seccuro
Jane Oreskovich
William Bickerstaff
Barbara Metcalfe
Brad Merrifield
Kim Cox
Sandra Vaughan

Nancy Bickerstaff, President 304.366.3231
David Smith, Vice President 304.612.4317


Please call ahead for an appointment. We are all volunteers except our groundsmen/caretakers. We have two men who mow and take care of the grounds in general. Caretakers cannot answer questions or find graves. Volunteers do this.

We now have a grave finding fee of $25.
This fee goes to the Woodlawn Foundation not to the volunteers.



Woodlawn published a collection of columns written over a 30 year period by Fairmont Times editor  C.E. "Ned" Smith from 1926 to 1957.

The book is entitled "Good Morning"  Local Historian Dr. Raymond Alvarez selected the columns and designed the publication as part of Woodlawn's preservation efforts.

The books are available by contacting Woodlawn Board President, Nancy Bickerstaff at nbicky5@yahoo.com or 304-366-3231.

Cost of the book is $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping and handling, or contacting Nancy to pick up a book.

All profits from the sale of the book will be earmarked for future Historical Projects.

Your support of Woodlawn projects is very much appreciated!

Good Morning

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